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My background in dentistry plays a big role in my approach to facial aesthetics. All medical practitioners are trained to put the needs of the patient first, and that’s an ethic I bring to Visage.

My role is not to sell you treatments, it’s to provide you with precisely the input you need.

I practice facial aesthetics from my dental surgery in Leamington Spa, and some of my clients tell me they like the discretion of visiting the surgery, people just think you’re popping in for a checkup. But those aren’t the only benefits of being a dentist.


Firstly I’ve spent my life working with injections around the face. Like I say to my patients, is there any more reassuring background to have when somebody is working with aesthetic injections and Dermal Fillers?


Secondly, as a qualified Dental practitioner, this means that I can dispense prescription only products that are higher in strength and far more effective than those you can buy from the beauty counter (however fancy the packaging and price tag!) Some of these products work great alongside equipment that again only medically trained professionals are able to use.


As well as all that, being a dentist means I offer a much wider range of treatments, including tooth whitening and cosmetic tooth straightening. And it’s really nice that when you come to Visage Clinic, you enter through the dentist practice too, so people will probably just assume you’re in for a check up!

The nice thing about working this way is that you can feel confident that I’m always going to do my best for you - and I get to know that I’m doing a great job for you.

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