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About Me

I think that if I had to pick one word to describe my life, it’d probably be “vibrant”.

It’s a word that suits me down to the ground - and I mean that literally, because I do love a pair of Irregular Choice or Ruby Shoos!

Vibrant to me describes a life of excitement, not in the sense of skydiving or running with the bulls, but in the sense of days full of activity, taking the kids on an adventure, having friends round for a party and all the stuff that makes life great.

Life for me is always pretty busy, so when I’m looking for a bit of time to myself, the kitchen is by far my favourite place to be (and judging by our parties it seems to be everyone else’s favourite room too!).

Whether I’m cooking up a storm or relaxing with a coffee and a good book (I do love a good historical fiction!), it’s definitely the first place you should look to find me.

Having a colourful life of friends, family and work that I love makes me feel like I’m really living life to the fullest. It’s what makes me want to put on bright colours and get out into the world.

Maybe I’ll see you out there (I’ll be the one in fabulous shoes!).

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