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My Approach

Facial aesthetics isn’t only about how you look, it’s about how you feel. People don’t come to me because they want to achieve some kind of media driven perception of perfection.

They come to me because something about their appearance is making them feel less positive about themselves.

Something that can be fixed with a little time and lots of expertise!

Some clients tell me that when they look in the mirror, they can only see those parts they are unhappy with, whether it’s lips that aren’t full or frown lines that make them look stern.

Some of my clients find that the lines and blemishes that appear over time make them feel older - no matter how youthful and energetic they are in real life.

Some of my clients are preparing for a big moment in their lives, a wedding, a party, a promotion, an event and know that on that day they want to feel the most spectacular, the most beautiful they’ve ever been.

So when you come and see me, I also want you to tell me how you feel - because that’s a big part of how we achieve the improvements you really want.
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