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Chemical Peel

What is it?

I hate the term “chemical peel”, it sounds really intimidating! But would you be shocked to find out that the “chemicals” in the standard peels we do at Visage Clinic actually just come from fruits?

Now I know you might be imagining something from “10 years younger” where people’s faces are falling off and they can’t leave the house for a month! Rest assured the very next day you will be back to your normal routine with minimal after effects.

For those of you that don’t want to use the “natural fruit” peels and actually would like the stronger stuff I do have the option of offering you a TCA peel which penetrates a little deeper.

Is it right for you?

  • A peel is used to exfoliate the layer of dead and dry skin and all its blemishes, marks and imperfections - uncovering the fresh, clear, beautiful skin underneath.
  • Chemical peels are a wonderful way to refresh and rejuvenate your skin.
  • It’s like a more advanced form of exfoliation (but you don’t have to scrub anything!), taking off the dead skin cells and the upper layer of skin that’s been damaged by age, sunshine and wear.
  • Your skin will need to be assessed prior to your peel as not everybody’s skin types are suitable for all strengths of peels.

What to expect

Because I use fruit acids for standard chemical peels the treatment is quite gentle, but even with the TCA peel it might tingle a little, but it’s not painful - so don’t worry!

After your treatment, you’ll be a bit red, and your top layer of skin might start to dry out and flake away (almost like sunburn!), but underneath will be the lovely smooth skin you were after all along.

Pricing starts from £60 For one treatment


Standard chemical peels cost £60 for one, or £200 for a course of four. TCA peels are £500 for four treatments.

How often

Should i come back?

My clients who have the best result with this treatment usually come and see me for four sessions (1 every 6-8 weeks) - this gives their skin the very best encouragement to look permanently beautiful and even.

The amount of sessions needed is dependent on the severity of the problem. Is you are having this treatment for a boost rather than to fix any problem areas then one session every 6 months is sufficient to keep you glowing.

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