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Aesthetic Injections

What are they?

Ok, so aesthetic injections can be a fairly emotive subject, from stories about over enthusiastic celebrities to it being the next miracle cure for the issue of the day. In reality it’s just a simple neurotoxin which relaxes the muscles and makes you look younger.

This makes it perfect for reducing those lines and wrinkles that make you feel older. This is what most of my clients are looking for, quick (non surgical) fix that makes you feel younger, happier and more beautiful.

Is it right for you?

  • For most people aesthetic injections are used to relax the parts of their face where they’ve developed lines and wrinkles.
  • Naturally as we age more wrinkles will begin to appear, but I do get a lot of younger clients who may be naturally prone to frown lines or early signs of ageing.
  • This is not to say that every client will need to start early, but the theory is that if you start younger it actually prevents the lines from forming in the first place.
  • This means that over time there will be a lesser need to undergo any aesthetic injection treatment because the lines are simply not there!
  • It won't fundamentally alter your appearance in the way that invasive cosmetic surgery might, it’s really for people that want to work with what they have in a subtle and complementary way.

What to expect

When you come into the clinic for your appointment, we’ll talk about the reasons you want aesthetic injections and identify the areas you’re most concerned about.

Pricing typically starts from £180 For a single problem area


The price of a typical aesthetic injections treatment for one problem area is from £180, or from £280 for multiple areas (like the whole upper face).

When we have the consultation we’ll talk about the best options for you and make sure you’re getting the right treatment.

How often

Should i come back?

The effect will probably have worn off around 4 months after your treatment, but lots of my clients like to come back a little bit before that so they can maintain their look - instead of waiting for it to wear off completely.

This is only a guideline and of course everybody responds differently. Those of you that have already been having the treatment for a while will know that the more regularly you have the treatments, the longer it lasts.

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