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Micro Needling

What is it?

There’s an amazing, natural substance called collagen that keeps your skin looking full, fresh and fabulous, but it naturally depletes as we get older.

Microneedling treatments with dermal rollers or pens are specially designed to help boost your collagen production and get the glow back into your complexion.

I have to admit that this is one of those treatments that can look quite intimidating, but I promise it’s not nearly as scary as it looks!

Although there are different methods available, we have opted to use the Dermapen for our treatments. We have done this because the pen uses a different entry method to the skin which causes less irritation and a more minimal down time than that of other conventional methods.

This is a revolutionary new product that is not readily available in most practices so we feel it’s important to boast how great it is and how lucky we are to have it on offer.

The pen simply glides effortlessly to put small pinpricks into the outer layer of your skin which encourages the production of collagen to come back to the surface of your skin, making it firm, smooth and even in tone - permanently!

For those of you who would like an extra boost or glow there are products available to work alongside microneedling in encouraging more skin renewal.

Dermapen, the World's first micro-needling choice of medical professionals and patients.

Is it right for you?

  • Most people are suitable for this treatment. It can be used as a simple skin boost or can be used to treat more severe facial scarring like acne or chickenpox.
  • It is also great at reducing and preventing fine lines and wrinkles.

What to expect

We start off by preparing your skin with some antiseptic, numbing and soothing creams. Then I’ll take the derma pen or roller and glide it over your face in a pattern that’s a lot like the union jack - which, oddly, is the most effective pattern to get the best result!

Pricing starts from £125 For one treatment


A microneedling treatment costs from £100 including your soothing pre-treatment and of course a full consultation beforehand to get the most out of your time at the clinic.

How often

Should i come back?

My clients who have the best result with this treatment usually come and see me for four sessions (1 every 6-8 weeks) - this gives their skin the very best encouragement to look permanently beautiful and even.

The amount of sessions needed is dependent on the severity of the problem. Is you are having this treatment for a boost rather than to fix any problem areas then one session every 6 months is sufficient to keep you glowing.

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